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साईं बाबा चिलम भी पीते थे. एक बार बाबा ने अपने चिमटे को जमीं में घुसाया और उसमें से अंगारा बहार निकल आया और फिर जमीं में जोरो से प्रहार किया तो पानी निकल आया और बाबा ने अंगारे से चिलम जलाई और पानी से कपडा गिला किया और चिलम पर लपेट लिया. (अध्याय 5 साईं सत्चरित्र )
बाबा नशा करके क्या सन्देश देना चाहते थे और जमीं में चिमटे से अंगारे निकलने का क्या प्रयोजन था क्या वो जादूगरी दिखाना कहते थे?
इस प्रकार के किसी कार्य से मानव जीवन का उद्धार तो नहीं हो सकता हाँ ये पतन के साधन अवश्य हें

Sai baba was a chillum smoker :
After traveling four Koss and a half, he came, on the way, to a mango tree under the foot of which sat aRATNA(queer fellow). He had a cap on His head, wore Kafni (long robe) and had a “Satka” (short stick) under His arm-pit and He was preparing to smoke a Chilim (pipe). On seeing Chand Patil pass by the way, He called out to him and asked him to have a smoke and to rest a little. The Fakir asked him about the saddle. Chand Patil replied that it was of his mare which was lost. The queer fellow or Fakir asked him to make a search in the Nala close by. He went and the wonder of wonders! he found out the mare. He thought that this Fakir was not an ordinary man, but an Avalia (a great saint). He returned to the Fakir with the mare. The Chillum was ready for being smoked, but two things were wanting; (1) fire to light the pipe, and (2) water to wet the chhapi (piece of cloth through which smoke is drawn up). The Fakir took His prong and thrust it forcibly into the ground and out came a live burning coal, which He put on the pipe. Then He dashed the Satka on the ground, from whence water began to ooze. The chhapi was wetted with that water, was then wrung out and wrapped round the pipe. Thus everything being complete, the Fakir smoked the Chillum and then gave it also to Chand Patil. On seeing all this, Chand Patil was wonderstruck. He requested the Fakir to come to his home and accept his hospitality.
What message sai baba want to give??
What was the purpose of Smoking chillum and magic??
Is smoking chillum is morality for the devotees of sai???
Sai wanted to ruin to moral character of ppl so plz wake up and stop the worship of sai…